About us

Opening time(受付時間)

The Saturday afternoon is for Obstetrics and opening until 4pm
Address(住所): 6-6-16 Chihaya, Higashi-ku, FUKUOKA(福岡市東区千早6-6-16)

Public Transport(公共交通機関)
  • JR-Kyushu… 10 mins walk from Kashii Station on Kagoshima Line.
  • Nishitetsu train… 8 mins walk from Nishitetsu Kashii station.
  • Nishitetsu bus… 5 mins walk from Chihaya 6-chome Bus stop and Kashii Bus stop and Miyuki-machi Bus stop.
Car Parking
We have 7 on-site parking lots and designated parking areas (25 parking spaces at Time Park Chihaya I & II) available for patients and visitors for free of charge.(駐車場…32台)
For those who uses Time Park Chihaya Ⅰ& Ⅱ, Please go to the reception to obtain your parking card.(タイムパーク千早Ⅰ,Ⅱをご利用の方は、受付又はナースステーションで無料カードをお受け取りください。)

Our services

  • General Obstetrics (Maternity)(一般的な産科)
  • Midwifery care (Vaginal delivery/Caesarean, Epidural birth)(助産(経腟分娩/帝王切開、無痛分娩))
  • Screening Tests (including Blood Test and Urinalysis)(スクリーニング検査(血液検査と尿検査を含む))
  • Breastfeeding support(母乳育児サポート)
  • Postpartum care (Day care: daytime treatment/Short stay: stay in clinic)(産後ケア(デイケア:日帰り/ショートステイ:宿泊))
  • General Gynaecology(一般的な婦人科)
  • Ultrasound scans(超音波)
  • Pap tests(子宮がん検診)
  • Menopause consultation(更年期相談)
  • Contraception (including Mirena) / Abortion(避妊(ミレーナを含む)/ 中絶)

Information for patients

Please make an appointment prior to your visit. Please note that there may be a long wait if you don’t have appointment.
Please submit your health insurance card at the reception desk.
If you don’t have Japanese health insurance card, you will have to pay the full amount of medical expenses.
please bring any medication you are currently using with you.
Please refer to this site regarding pregnancy and childbirth in Fukuoka City.
Follow this link for more useful information about parenting support for foreign residents.

Patient Notices

We have English-speaking doctors, but it does not guarantee that English-speaking doctors will be available at the time you visit.
Please inform us of your nationality, first language and condition at the first visit to the clinic.
Please note that it is not always female doctor will help you give birth.
If your pregnancy is deemed high-risk, you will be referred to tertiary hospitals that maintain medical partnerships with the clinic.
If you are unable to communicate in Japanese, please feel free to bring translator apps, illustrations, some other useful tools or come with interpreter with you.
Fukuoka International Medical Support Center will provide interpreting services for the clinic and primary care visit.
Please inform us if you have dietary restrictions, food allergies or religious restrictions, we will do our best to supply your preferred choice.